Jesse Kuzma

Jesse Kuzma


Additional Skills

-Nationally registered EMT-B
-Pilot (Cessna 152, 162, 172, and 182)
-PADI certified scuba diver at master level
-Fluency in Spanish
-Drummer (have played several live venues)
-Experience with animals and some animal medicine
-Proficent in the safety, use, and assembly of a multitude of weapons both semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Additional Information

I've got a lot of experience with a variety of things as mentioned earlier. I have also travelled to the rainforests of Panama and to the island of Grenada.
I grew up on a ranch in rural Colorado so I have a lot of experience with animals.
I am a master scuba diver and have even had experience teaching scuba classes.
Between teaching, working security at at UNM, being an EMT, and having played instruments in many live venues, I've got no problem with being around/in front of groups.


Skin Colour
Hair Length
Musical Skills
Bass, Drums, Guitar, Percussion
Specific Singing Skills
Languages Spoken
English, Spanish