Stephen Hawke

Male, Actor
Location: Essex


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  • Year
  • 2008
    3 Yr Acting (Speech and Drama)
    CCATS Drama College
    2008, 3 Yr Acting (Speech and Drama)
    CCATS Drama College
  • 2006
    Theatre Skills, Acting, Improvisation, Character Study, Laban, The Method (Lee Strasburg Techniques), Mime, Stage Combat, Audition, Classical
    Norwich Theatre Royal (The Garage)
    2006, Theatre Skills, Acting, Improvisation, Character Study, Laban, The Method (Lee Strasburg Techniques), Mime, Stage Combat, Audition, Classical
    Norwich Theatre Royal (The Garage)

About me

I have been involved in Performing Arts for many years, initially inspired by seeing Willy Russell's West End Performance of Blood Brothers. I attended initial Training at Norwich's Theatre Royal (The Garage) and, further inspired by my creative teacher at the Garage, pursued my aspirations of acting and coaching drama. Progressing through individual specialist courses in London and the South East and then into C.C.A.T.S Drama College in Essex I now hold professional accreditation as both Actor & teacher, currently working toward my Licentiate Certification in Speech & Drama (FTCL) from the Trinity Guildhall School of Music & Drama. With agency representation for Supporting Artiste (SA) & featured acting roles within Theatre, TV / Movie & commercial industries, and acquaintances at the London Film School call for "short film" production roles, (often sponsored by the British Film Foundation).
I have appeared in many TV commercials & popular Soaps / Dramas such as "Eastenders" - where I am a regular SA face, & "The Bill", "Londons Burning, and "The Midsomer Murders" as well as new Productions of "Law & Order" (with Bradley Walsh), "Spooks" and "Missing" (Pauline Quirke), "The Hustle", "Todd Margaret", "Miranda", "The Stephen K Amos Show", "Victoria Wood" and "Holby" . Mainstream larger productions have included "Hope & Glory" (Lenny Henry as an ambitious Headteacher), "Sleepyhead" & movies such as "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", "The Infidel" (with Omid Djarlili), "Maybe Baby" (directed by Ben Elton), "Sleepy Hollow" (with Johnny Depp.), 2009 Science Fiction movie "Franklyn", British Comedy "Reuniting the Rubins" (Timothy Spall, James Callis and Honor Blackman), "I Anna" (Gabriel Byrne), and I am currently appearing in Government Alcohol awareness campaign "Know your Limits" running throughout 2012/13.
I was a member of "Angel in Pockets Productions" (A professional, Multi-media production company based in Essex) where I debuted in an original drama "Dead Cargo" as TV/News anchorman, Malcolm Headley.
A drama teacher at Eastwood Theatre School / Kings performing Arts College in in Southend, I teach Trinity Guildhall Curriculum to the Gifted and Talented students in Performing Arts (Drama).
I am a proud Partner and Principal of The Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts across x2 locations in Essex (Chelmsford, Brentwood) mentoring many aspects of acting and performance, creating bespoke workshops and having co-produced several large shows (Rocky Horror show, Grease, Carwash)

With enhanced CRB registration spanning many years I have also recently applied as professional Chaperone for young professional performers around the UK.

Equity Membership - M00298057

MFAA (BECTU) Membership - D0528522

My interests

Drama, Acting, Theatre, Television and movies, Teaching, Scuba Diving, Cars and Driving, Computers, Stage Combat,

Television experience

TV commercials:

British Telecom
Sony (Playstation)
M&M Sweets
Mathessons Sausages
Werthers Originals Sweets
Know Your Limits (Government Alcohol Awareness campaign)
British Telecom Sports Channel

Soaps and TV Series: Actor or Supporting Artiste

Its Kevin
The Hustle
Ashes to Ashes
Eastenders (Regular SA)
Todd Margaret
The Bill
Law and Order
Missing (Pauline Quirke)
Midsomer Murders
Londons Burning
Hope and Glory (Lenny Henry)
Waking the Dead
Silent Witness
Stephen K Amos Show
Victoria Wodds Christmas Special
Todd Margaret
Good Morning Britain (live TV)

Movies: Actor / Supporting Artiste

Maybe Baby (Directed by Ben Elton)
Sleepy Hollow" (Directed by Tim Burton)
Franklyn (Directed by Gerald McMorrow.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
28 Days Later
The Infidel
Reuniting The Rubins - Comedy (Cannes film festival.
Gullivers Travels (with Jack Black)
I Anna (Gabrielle Byrne)
X-Men First Class (James McAvoy)
World War Z

Modelling experience

Business Today magazine
Tetley Tea London Bus Poster Campaign
British Telecom - Stills for internal corporate publication

Acting experience

The Gift (London Film School)

Corporate Video: Actor
British Telecom Corporate Training Video

Cash on Delivery (Michael Cooney)- Dr Chapman - Awarded "Best Supporting Actor"

Dads Army Stage Production
German U-Boat Commander ("Dont tell him your name Pike") in The Deadly Attachment.

The Godiva Affair - As the Town Clerk

Communicating Doors - Alan Ayckbourne
as Harold Palmer.

Fawlty Towers - Mr Hutchinson in The Hotel Inspector

Dark Justice (by Jamie Henshall and Sian Mayoh) as News Anchor man Malcolm Hedley.

Sweeney Todd Horror Production - The Coalhouse Fort Project.

Specific Skills

Drama Teacher and Principal of The Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts - Essex
Performance / Specialist Driver (Trained by Lotus / Prodrive)
Stage Combat (unarmed)
Character Acting
Scuba Diving
Shooting (pistol and rifle)
Board diving

Interesting Past Experiences

Track Driving with Tiff Needell.

Creative Director - Coalhouse Fort Halloween Event (last three years)

Creative Director "Infected" (Secret Nuclear Bunker)

Assistant Director - Hi-De-Hi

Director - Thalians Theatre Company - Terry Pratchett's "Carpe Jugulum"

Body Double casting for Ray Winstone.

Action scenes in Law and Order where asked to jump on the front of a moving custody van and instigate a riot.


Interested in
Acting Auditions, Documentaries / Real Life, Extra/Background Artist, Modelling
Personal Interests
Cars, Charity, Children, Comedy, Holidays, Music, Travel
Marital Status
Current Student
Drinking habits
Driving Licences
Standard, Precision Driver
Physical build
Hair Length