Paul Bend


  • Year
  • 1994
    Ashfield Comprehensive School
    1994, GCSEs
    Ashfield Comprehensive School

About me

I was born in 1977 in Nottinghamshire. Grew up and attended school there. Left school when I was 16 to become a trainee printer. Left that job after six months and became a Youth Trainee at the King's Mill hospital. After a few months as a trainee I was employed fully and worked as an administrator for six years and an auditor for one year. Auditioned for the theatre show Stomp in 2001 and was successful. Performed with Stomp at La Cigale in Paris from Sept. 2001 til July 2002. Joined the European tour in Sept. 2002 and am still a member of that touring company at the time of writing. Have performed in many countries as well as in the West End. Am looking for acting, extra work or modelling work to add to my resume. I can play the drums, have a clean driving license, and am currently studying to improve my French.

My interests

Although not my only interests, I am interested in current affairs, theatre, sport, cinema and music.

Television experience

Have appeared on many variety/chat shows around the world including The Late Late Show(twice), Alan Titchmarsh, the Moliere Awards in Paris and many others. All of which were with Stomp.

Modelling experience

No modelling experience as such. Only for press shoots for Stomp.

Acting experience

I play several roles in the show Stomp. My main role since 2001 has been the comic/clown character which involves a lot of silent acting and interaction with the audience and other cast members.

Dancing Experience

Stomping since 2001. Some people consider this to be dancing.

Singing Experience

Karaoke. I do a cracking Alex Turner.

Interesting Past Experiences

Lots and lots. Touring the world with Stomp since 2001 has provided far too many to list here. I'd have to write a book.


Interested in
Acting Auditions, Extra/Background Artist, Modelling
Personal Interests
Charity, Comedy, Family, Music, Sport, Travel
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In relationship
Current Student
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