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Total Talent India is the leading jobs website for Extras, Actors, Dancers & Models. Total Talent India posts paid auditions. Casting directors, producers and agents use our innovative service to post jobs and search for the latest talent.

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It pays to find agent representation. Be proactive by searching our Agency Directory, see who has open books and contact agents through the site.

No more wondering whether your application has been received and viewed. Find out how your agency representation requests are progressing with our handy Agency Applications tool.

Career Tools

Employer directory

Access our Employer Directory, which gives you direct access to the contact details of thousands of potential employers.

Service Providers

Search our directory of photographers, and browse our showreel & voicereel providers. View members' testimonials to help you choose.


Join the conversation! Support a campaign or seek advice, and be heard by thousands of peers and industry professionals.


Optimise your career progression with advice, top tips and insights from leading industry experts.

Media Gallery

Make the most of your online portfolio, where you can feature all of your latest images.

Upload up to 20 images with a Premium Subscription

Custom Showcase

Upload up to 20 showreels, voice samples or documents.

Premium Members - Make unlimited changes to your profile at no extra cost

Create a Website

Our template builder makes it easy for anyone to design a professional website.

Add your content

Customise your personal website's design, and export media from your Total Talent India profile.

Free hosting

We’ll host all your images at no additional cost.

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No matter where you are... Total Talent India is optimised for any device, for 24/7 access!

Network and self promotion

My profile views

See who's been looking at your profile. This handy tool shows you when employers have been checking you and your application out!

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Seeking extra exposure across Total Talent India? We're on the lookout for success stories – Tweet us to find out more!

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Tell us about your next job and we will help you promote it to casting directors, agents and other key players throughout the industry.